Posted - September 19th 8:12pm

"The Eternal Struggle."

Fibre Studios has a new mini-movie project just finishing post production. It features a new cast of players -- Aaron McAllister, Abby McAllister, Daniel Greeson, and Emily Greeson -- who constitute the next generation of talent here at the studio. Alumni have gone on to do bigger and better things like this.

The mini-movie takes place after a dangerous lightning storm and ship wreck on a deserted island where not everything is at it seems. We should have video up on the Web soon. Check back here.


Posted - May 15th 9:29pm

"The B-Sharps."

I have been helping Chelsea -- that is, Mrs. Otten -- over the past few weeks to do the arranging and recording for Dolsen's Demos, an EP of songs written by her students from Dolsen Elementary School in South Lyon, MI.

The songs have turned out very well. You can see the track listing, read the article about this project in the South Lyon Herald, or order a copy of Dolsen's Demos.


Posted - July 25th 4:26pm

"Saxamaphone. Saxamaphone."

The wedding that Drew refers to below was preceded by a rockin' gathering of me and my buds. We converted the Cavanaugh house into a multi-drumset jam session and recording studio. The result is "The Cavanaugh EP" which you can find below.

Come Together
Naked and Famous
Get Free

The lineup on these recordings is Clay on drumset, Kyle on lead vocals, Frye on bass, myself on guitars, with special guests Isiah on percussion and Drew on backing vocals. (Throughout the night of jamming, however, all of these people played many different instruments -- and Luke was deeply involved, as well.) Look here in the future for a possible music video (or two) using footage from that night.

"And I hate the f*%@ing Eagles, man."

Posted - June 30th 1:41pm

On the 27th of this month, our Fibre Studios President got married, and what a day it was. Everything went perfectly, from the wedding ceremony to the crazy energetic reception. The DJ actually told Sam that it was the best dancing he had seen at a wedding reception, AND it was awesome the whole time, all five hours or so. Just goes to show how awesome the Yoopers are. Congratulations Sam and Chelsea Otten!!!

With the wedding and the small family reunion done, our summer has opened up greatly. With a few weeks until we are well into the haying season, the Fibre Studios staff has a small opening to get some work done. Isiah and I have both been working on our creative side on the drums, saxophone, keyboard, piano, guitar, and singing. Most nights before going to bed we go to the garage (Fibre Studios headquarters) and just jam and mess around with the instruments. You may even be able to hear Davis up there soon shredding on his saxophone.

With my creative juices pumping to the max, I am hoping to get a few DnD Ventures out, at least one on film by the end of the week and hopefully even edited and online for you all to enjoy. Keep up the nagging and keep me on task!

"So you just sit down, shut up and listen! "

Posted - March 17th 7:55pm

"Does whatever a spider pig does."

To coincide with NCAA's March Madness, Sean Fountain and I have launched an online writing competition. Take a look. You can read excerpts of stories, meet the authors, vote on which you like best, and post comments to the discussion boards. There is also an open bracket to which you can submit your own short stories, based on one of the common prompts, and compete for the chance to win a cash prize.

The writers who have contributed to this contest, the Short Story Sweet Sixteen, come from universities all over the country from USC to Ohio State to Syracuse to Miami. By visiting and voting (you can revote everyday), you will help Sean and I as we try to land a book deal for these stories.

"...or Ron Kuby."

Posted - December 20th 1:12pm

Winter break in the Otten household does not mean rest, it means lots of work on projects that were previously pushed aside by school work. Our good buddy Davis has been nagging us to get going on the promised D & D Venture series, so I think we will try to get at least one episode done in the next few weeks. If you have any requests for episodes of D & D, send it to us and we might just make it into a short film!

Another road block on the path toward studio glory is basketball season's recent beginning. This year's team includes several studio members -- me, Jacob, and future inductee Bill DeYoung -- along with many non-talented actors. So far we're 2-0 in the conference and 3-0 overall. Our next big challenge will be in Cheboygan on January 9th.

"I've just been informed that all your children are missing. So..."

Posted - December 18th 11:29pm

What's up all you Fibre Studio fans! So I guess this is alittle update. So I am now attending Northern Michigan University, and it's a great school in my opinion. Classes are good, for the most part, and there is alot of stuff that goes on there. But other then that not to much to say about college life, tis quite boring honestly. So now I'm back home for a month, getting to see everyone and spend time with friends and girlfriend. I'm hoping this site starts taking off, and that some more videos or animations start up. Until then I'll be chillin and drawing, and all y'all will be waiting to see me(or hear me) in the next production. Peace Out!

Posted - December 18th 7:34pm

"The lesson is: Our God is vengeful! O spiteful one, show me who to smite and they shall be smoten!"

Another semester behind me--grad school is going well. I got a lot of writing done over the past few months and will let you know as things come out in print over the next few months.

I have been enjoying the positive feedback that's been coming in to the studios regarding The Illustrated Man. Many of my friends and colleagues have been using it as background music while they work or drive and some have even read Ray Bradbury's book. I put four years of creative energy into that project and am very happy to see it actually coming to life around me. If anyone wants a copy, feel free to email me at (remove the piece of foliage for Sam's real email address).

I'm in Rudyard for about a week now (hopefully a Live Geeks Society reunion will take place during this time) and then Chelsea and I are off to Shanghai, China, to visit my friend Tony Bergman. We'll bring pictures back with us!

"It's a classic missing daughter job."

Posted - September 27th 2:25am

Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time no post!

How’s everyone doing? Holding up alright?

My name, in case you forgot, is Isiah Otten. I am a member and current website manager of Fibre Studios. Last time I posted, I was in the distant year of 2007 while I was still in high school. I am now attending Grand Valley State University to become a better educated person and earn a to-be-determined degree in order to propel me into a as-of-yet-undecided career.

So, college is going pretty great. With my location being virtually Grand Rapids of Michigan, I am quite near where Sam currently resides, opening up opportunities for us to collaborate together. One such opportunity manifested itself as a “nearby” concert of a mutually favorite band, The Mars Volta. We gathered a few budding Volta fans in my friends and headed out all together to Columbus of Ohio, Usoa.

Posted - August 12th 10:25pm

"The B Sharps!"

After four years of constant planning, composing, and recording, my new album The Illustrated Man has been released! It contains over 2 and a half hours of music that I am very proud of. Each song is a soundtrack for one of the short stories by Ray Bradbury found in his book of the same name.

The Illustrated Man is Fibre Studio's major release for 2008. In 2002 we had Songs Left Unsung, in 2005 we had The Mattris, last year was of course Soundstone Theater, and now The Illustrated Man. (That doesn't mean we're done, though. Keep your eye out for a new music video from The Otten Bros. that is a follow-up to the BEACHketball theme.)

Also, I will be performing with Dale Bergman in the Lutheran Church, Rudyard, MI, on August 31st at 12:00pm. Feel free to stop in and enjoy some old standards.

"I can get you a toe by three o'clock this afternoon, with nail polish."

Posted - July 12th 10:36pm

Andrew Otten here, and I am currently on my new computer. With Isiah leaving for college soon and taking his computer with him, I decided I'd need a computer to do my Fibre Studios editting. Its not top of the line or anything, but she gets the job done fast and efficently. With the addition of this computer to the Otten family this makes three computers in different parts of Michigan with the capability to edit either video or this website.

Another main reason for the new computer is to make it easy for Fibre Studio's new project for this summer. We are asking our loyal fans to take a part in thinking of ideas for videos. Click the D+D Ventures Box to the left and tell us your suggestions. We will then pick our favorites, make a short film of your idea, and post it here on

"That's so Punk Rock"

Posted - June 3rd 9:31am

I am here to present the most recent mini-movie coming out of the Fibre Studios' busy brains. The "infomercial" you are about to view was concocted for an English assignment. Mr Taylor had our class think of a new product that could help students in school, and to think of a way to sell or advertise it to the class.

Davis and I obviously looked to our field of expertise (acting and film making) to show this brand-new-exciting product to our classmates. And now, please enjoy the awesomeness of Davis's first leading will surely go down in history.

BRAIN BOX. *No computers or humans were harmed during the filming of this infomercial.

"Nice knuckle crack."

Posted - April 10th 8:50pm

"Gabbo! Gabbo! Gabbo!"

I am pleased to announce the recipients of the 2007 Fibey Awards, (as well as some runners-up).

Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus39%
BEACHketball Theme36%

Drew as Free Thought (Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus)37%
Eric as Himself (Doot-Doot)17%

Isiah (Superfly Sister)39%
Travis (Superfly Sister)17%
Davis (Superfly Sister)17%

Tony (Know Your Enemy)50%
Davis (Superfly Sister)33%

Drew (BEACHketball Theme)*
Sam (Cicatriz ACP)*

Drew (Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus)33%
Drew (Know Your Enemy)22%
Isiah (Know Your Enemy)17%

Kyle Ulrich (Superfly Sister)50%
John Otten (BEACHketball Theme)33%

Isiah (Know Your Enemy)*

Sam (Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus)*

Sam's opening sequence frustration15%
Drew biffing it BEACHketball style12%
Andy Thompson saving the day11%
Sam shaking it to the Doobie Brothers10%
The Mole Massage10%

Thanks to everyone for voting and for making 2007 another successful year for Fibre Studios!

"Is there a Ralph's around here?"

Posted - March 24th 9:12pm

"Good thing we used lead paint."


Now, we have our winners for Best Video and Best Actor based on the previous survey, but we decided to do an entire gamut of Fibey Awards for 2007. So please take the time to vote below. Winners will be announced next week (and may receive a goblet as a prize!).


"I finally got the venue I wanted for my dance quintet, you know, my cycle."

Posted - March 24th 9:01pm

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who voted on our recent survey. I was overjoyed to see that you chose me as the most memorable preformer, and that you also chose the video I directed as second favorite video. (Note from Sam: The Otten Bros directed it, you jerk.) Thank you for your support. But with all good news comes bad news, and I have some bad news.

The Late Great Computer of Isiah has passed away. We came home from school one day last week to find it passed out at its desk. We quickly tried to revive it, getting no was hopeless. Luckily, only the motherboard was broken and none of the files were harmed.

Fibre Studios has seen it through many fine productions, and we would like to take a moment to remember what the computer went through while working hard, here in Fibre.

"They have a rare blood disease: Stick-it-to-da-man-niosis."

Posted - March 22nd 9:40am

"You'll be in direct competition!"

The results are in. We had a total of 36 votes and they came from Marquette, the Soo, Rudyard, St Ignace, Midland, Dewitt, Traverse City, Mt Pleasant, Rochester, Walled Lake, East Lansing, Kalamazoo, Allendale and Chicago. Some of you may also be interested to know that the vast majority of our fans use Mozilla Firefox rather than Explorer or Safari. Anyway, here are the tabulations.

Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus39%
BEACHketball Theme36%
Superfly Sister8%
Know Your Enemy5%

Drew as Free Thought (Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus)37%
Eric as Himself (Doot-Doot)17%
Briana as The Cheater (Assassin)11%
Isiah as The Goofy Guy (Superfly Sister)11%
Drew as Bass Guitar (Know Your Enemy)8%
Travis as Rhythm Guitar (Know Your Enemy)8%
Jacob as Laziness (Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus)8%

Right on Time (RHCP)38%
Trampled Under Foot (Led Zeppelin)32%
Girls (Beastie Boys)15%
A Fifth of Beethoven (Walter Murphy)9%
Breathe (Faith Hill)6%

It was a great showing for Cygnus, picking up Best Video and Best Performance, but an even better showing for Drew who received best performance, was the only actor to appear twice in the best performance voting, was the star in the best video, and composed the music for the runner-up video. Way to go, lil bro!

"And we do enter the next round robin, am I wrong?"

Posted - March 5th 8:55pm

"His name isn't Ruttiger."

We had the idea for this poll several months ago, but as usual, we got behind with things. So if you still remember this little collection of music videos we made last year called Soundstone Theater, then take the survey below. Full results will be available in a few weeks.


"He's very fragile."

Posted - March 4th 6:50pm


Dale Bergman entered Fibre Studios last month to record a few audio tracks. Dale and I have been playing together (me on piano, he on tenor sax) at nursing homes for several years now. We recorded "Misty," "O Danny Boy," and "Harlem Nocturne" from our retirement set list. Dale also contributed some sax improv to The Illustrated Man.

I am in the Rudyard area for spring break this week.

"I did not know that."

Posted - December 9th 10:32am


Though my heart is always lodged in Fibre Studios, my mind and body are a different story. As many of you know, my body can usually be found in East Lansing (or visiting my fiancee) and my mind is usually working on mathematics at Michigan State University.

Here is a website that you can check out to see what daily life is like for your beloved founder and president. (I especially recommend the "Fun Facts")

"You heard of the Seattle Seven? That was me and...six other guys."

Posted - November 16th 4:40pm

Well, after discovering about five to ten people at school were disappointed with my amount of updates, (that's about five to ten more people then I thought even went here) I've pulled up the trunks I dropped a dump in and scouraged an update. Two news updates actually. Here's a time wasting picture by yours truly for your enjoyment, yea who tread these sparse waters.

Posted - November 14th 9:17am

"Monorail, monorail, monorail, monorail..."

The Rudyard High School Players put on a delightfully funny performance of The Music Man this past weekend. I made the trip up to see the show because several Fibre Studs were on stage, including

  • Isiah in the lead role
  • Drew, Travis, and Eric in the quartet
  • Jacob McDonoff and Sam L as townspeople

Who knew these guys could act!?!?! Certainly not me, their director of five years. Now let's just hope that they do The Front Page as their spring play.

"I am the walrus....I am the walrus."

Posted - August 20th 1:50pm

Soundstone Theater is now available to order from us. The fully packed DVD includes all six music videos that encompass Soundstone Theater in high quality, as well as some special features including outtakes, commentaries, and some behind-the-scenes material.

Simply send us an e-mail letting us know you are interested in purchasing a copy, and we will notify you with directions shortly after.

We are working on uploading the six videos on to our website here in a format that will be easily watchable (I know we take forever), but the quality will suffer compared to the DVD. For the full experience, order a DVD for the low price of $5.

In the mean time, check out our trailer here on MySpace as well as one of our music videos, BEACHketball Theme. It may take a little while to load if you have a slow connection, and that is what we are working tirelessly on to fix inorder to host all six videos.

Edit (10:20 pm): Know Your Enemy is now also up.

Posted - August 16th 3:30pm

Posted - June 19th 11:59am

My brother Sam had been searching far and wide for a new "professional" and affordable camera, and now have one. Take a looksie.

We've been testing it out extensively and we'll put up some shots from it soon.

Posted - June 5th 9:23pm

Yes, we are still making posts, even though it's been awhile we haven't forgotten you guys. Now that school is finally completed I am sure Isiah, Sam, and myself will be able to make at least weekly posts for your enjoyment. We also plan on making the website better as a whole. Such as the buttons to my right.

Along with making the website better we will also be making some other stuff a whole lot better. But I'll let the next poster tell you about that. My main purpose is to tell you about BEACHKETBALL.

I am here by announcing that the 2007 BEACHKETBALL season has begun. My brothers and I have played quite a few games already and this year we are keeping records of each game. (I have the best record so far) Tony Falbo has recently enjoyed the game, and actually played enough games to now qualify for the playoffs. Yes, thats right we will be having playoffs this year too. Not sure how exactly, but they will happen. If you would like to learn how the play you have only to ask me personally or just to e-mail me at

"Cello you got a bass"

Posted - February 8th 11:54am


I'm still down at State working hard on my graduate classes and my teaching assistantship duties. The Spartan basketball team is on a bit of slide that I hope they correct soon. I hope to go to a home game sometime this month.

One thing I did do on campus was go with my girlfriend Chelsea and her dad to see the Pink Floyd Experience. They were an awesome Floyd cover band with a full stage show and a very high quality of sound. The set consisted mostly of "Dark Side" and "Wall" tunes, but they played at least one song from "Wish You Were Here", "Animals", and "Piper." Pink Floyd is my third favorite band, behind The Mars Volta and Red Hot Chili Peppers (look for the Peppers to win a grammy soon, apropos).

"He fixes the cable?"

Posted - November 23rd 10:40pm

We had our traditional Thanksgiving football game today, but unfortunately, Sam and I lost to Luke and Drew, the final score being 3-4.

We just returned from Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, which was an awesome movie, especially for us D fans. I would urge any Jack Black fans, rock enthusiasts, or anyone looking for a laugh in general, to see this movie.

Posted - November 2nd 11:35pm

Well, tomorrow, me and my brother Drew are heading downstate to meet with Sam and then Detroit to catch the Red Hot Chili Peppers along with The Mars Volta. It's going to be shweet!

Um, school has started (like 2 months ago) and all sorts of stuff has happened. I've begun doing comics for my high school's news paper again (example at the bottom of this post) and I am starring as Captain von Trapp in my school's musical, The Sound of Music showing 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th of November in the Rudyard Middle School Multi-Use Facility. So come out and support that.

Posted - August 27th 2:00pm

"The hair and ear form an M and G for some reason."

My grad classes start on Monday. I'm taking the first courses in two core sequences - Abstract Algebra and Topology. I'm also going to sit in on an undergraduate course, and I'm the instructor for a section of MTH 103 "College Algebra". So needless to say, I don't think I will be producing much for the studio in the upcoming months. Luckily, my good brothers back in the UP will keep things running. I expect some animated shorts and more improvements to the website. Keep checking!

If you want to get ahold of me down here in East Lansing, my room number is 517-355-3937 and my address:Samuel Otten/Michigan State University/558 West Owen/East Lansing, MI 48825

"It tied the room together, did it not?"

Posted - August 27th 2:20am

Okay, the features page is now up, although, it is still in a framework form.

Click FEATURES on the left side of the window.

I do realize that the color of the menu is different and forms a box. I will fix that as soon as I... uh... get home. I don't have the necessary files to fix it currently here at MSU. Fargo Soda Commercial is the only available video to watch, besides Drew vs. Drew. The show page still need fixin' but then I need to get some sleep.

Posted - August 26th 10:39pm

Okay, so Sam has been bugging me to post, so here I am. I'm currently down at MSU visiting Sam before his graduate classes start and school starts.

While I am down here, I was hoping to find and buy a stool/chair for my desk and drafting board. They're taller than normal, so chairs at a regular height hurt your neck because you have to look up so long, and the stool that came with my drafting board is really uncomfortable.

Anywho... I was hoping to also get some more done on the website, like getting Sam's cartoons hosted and accessible here, which by the way, if you haven't seen yet, you should check out. The links in the post below will lead you to them. VOTE 5!

Getting back to the website, I hope to have a page that will link you to a bunch of our movies done and up soon. After that will be work on the user pages, then a few more things I want to add.

Until next time...

Posted - August 14th 2:17pm

"Whoa, that's good squishy."

My summer is nearing its end. I head down to East Lansing on Sunday, and before then I have a few things to get done - record the base tracks for "The Concrete Mixer", edit my Mathematics Magazine article, sort papers from high school and college, finish the hay crop, and pack for grad school. It has been a very good summer. I recorded eight ploys for The Illustrated Man, spent lots of good time with my brothers, my niece, and with my girlfriend, I read The Brothers Karamazov (a great book), and I recently was successful in my submission of two cartoons to the Newgrounds website. We hope to have the cartoons on this site soon, but for now you can access them through the links below.

"Characters on the Stool" - finished within two days of my introduction to Flash animation.

"Characters in the Grocery Store" - the (improved) sequel.

"He's a good man, and thorough."

Posted - August 7th 5:01pm

Fibre Studios has recently put together a research crew, consisting of Isiah, Sam, and myself, in order to research for our next BIG project.

In our free time, we have been busy practicing our Artistic talent. Sam successfully drew a cartoon on the computer, and then added voices to it with my help.

"Don't tell me you've never gotten the Led out"

Posted - August 5th 12:40pm

"This is my brother. He knows karate."

We had a great time whitewater rafting on the Menominee and Peshtigo rivers in Wisconsin and a very pleasant visit to Grand Marais, MI. There wasn't too much Fibre Studios business that got done, so that was a little different than usual - in the past, we've developed stories and movie ideas while on vacation. Drew did get clotheslined by a clothesline, though, and I wiped out into Lake Superior at the bottom of a log slide.

Tomorrow, Luke and I are driving down to Michael Moore's film festival in Traverse City. Unfortunately, Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" is sold out at all showings, but there are many other good flicks to see. I love Stanley Kubrick!

"Get a job, sir!"

Posted - July 25th 11:15pm

"The goggles do nothing!"

As some of you may know, the Otten family (and along with it, three of the leading three leaders of Fibre Studios) are going on vacation next week. White water rapids in Wisconsin, USA, are our destination, and I will happily be accompanied by the beautiful Chelsea Rhodes. We are hoping to conceptualize and/or begin writing a new mini-movie project to work on during the final weeks before I head to MSU. Keep checking here for more information.

Also, look here in the future for audio downloads of some of the work I've been doing on my Ray Bradbury project. I just finished "The Veldt" last weekend.

"I said NEAR the In-and-Out Burger."

Posted - July 11th 11:15am

Hello everybody!

Well, I have been in a sorta, kinda, lazy mood lately about updating the website, although I have been taking time to learn up on some CSS (Cascading Style Sheets, coding for the website.) and I have almost finished the Films page that will show off all of our material and allow you to watch them. Thanks to being stuck at one of my mom's meetin's up in the soo (where I am right now) with my dad's laptop, I have been getting a lot done with the website, although you can't see it yet. Trust me on this one.

My battery is almost dead, so, see you later!

Posted - June 19th 3:20pm

Dude work on you site or DIE! This is the most important person that Mr Otten is associated with... TRAVIS!! I am the most talented and best so you all should come here to worship me. That is all... FOR NOW MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Fibre Studios Staff
Founder... Samuel Otten
President... Samuel Otten
Director of Sound Recordings... Samuel Otten
Director of Animation & Cartooning... Isiah Otten
Directors of Filmography... Samuel Otten
Isiah Otten
Drew Otten
Webfounder... Lucas Otten
Webmaster... Isiah Otten
Studio Musicians... Clayton Jewell
Chelsea Rhodes
Dale Bergman
Carlos De Mingo
Sam L
Cast Members... Travis Johnson
Tony Falbo
Eric Davis
Jacob McDonoff
Kyle Ulrich
Catering... Mary Anne Otten
Mr Otten's & Mr Otten's & Mr Otten's Wardrobe... Mary Anne Otten